Click to enlargePicea glauca Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Picea glauca conica DWARF ALBERTA SPRUCE Zones: 2-8. (zone 8 with filtered shade and cool site) Elevation: Cool sea level to 8000 feet. High elevations should site in filtered shade. A natural dwarf Christmas tree which forms a perfect inverted cone shape. This was the standard woodland forest tree for Garden RR until the much slower growing Gnome, Pixie, Jean's Dilly and other miniatures came along. It still has great appeal as it trims easily into open branched high mountain (small) trees of 2-3 feet. Untrimmed these will mature to perfect cones about 5 feet tall at 10 years and slightly taller with age. At this size they make great Sentinels to the entrance of a driveway, pathway or a garden gate. Photo shows mature plant. Shipping size: 5-8 inches.

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